Pinned towards Prague

With Berlin sufficiently explored by bike and foot, Alex and I did some quick math and decided a rental car would be the cheapest way to get to the Czech Republic. We rented the most economical model available, promised the agent we wouldn’t take it to the Czech Republic, and got on the autobahn with our first Eastern European country in our sights. As soon as I got behind the wheel, I quickly proclaimed it to be the SLOWEST car I had ever driven. Alex thought I was being dramatic so I made him see for himself. Then he understood.

Be this as it may, we decided to skip the break in period for this brand new car with only 8k kilometers on it and “pin” it. We both agreed that for being the slowest car either of us had ever driven, it did pretty well. We tried for hours on end to blow it up with no luck, and got it up to around 200 km/h in the process.

Prague 1

Here are a few spellings of the famous city of Prague, Praha being the local way.
Prague 2

We meandered into the center of town for some eats.

Prague 3

Prague 4

Alex makes himself comfortable under one of the more iconic clocks in the world.

Prague 6

This clock (and the rest of Prague’s distinctive architecture) can be seen in Kanye West’s “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” music video.
Skip to 1:55 for a few sightings of the clock.

As the rain held off, we continued to wander the cobblestone streets.

Prague 10

Prague 8

Prague 7

I asked Alex to pose in the typical “traveler enjoying a nice cold Coke” fashion. This is what he delivered. Thanks Al.

Prague 9

Prague 11

The great thing about a rental car is you have a nice, cozy place to sleep every night. We crawled out of the car and hit the streets.

Prague 12a

We headed towards the highest hill in sight for a good view over the city.

Prague 12

This is one of the many times Alex and I competed in the “who could take the best picture of us taking pictures of each other” competition. I won this one.

Prague 14

The view from the hill we slept on was quite satisfactory.

Prague 15

A romantic Eastern European moment.

Prague 16

Alex got romantic with his camera.

Prague 17

We were curious about the American flag on this grand looking building, Alex discovered it was the embassy.

Prague 18

What swagger!Prague 19Prague 20

Prague 22

Prague 21

A very photographic statue if I do say so myself.Prague 23

Another day of wandering.

Prague 24

Everything in the Czech Republic is a bit cheaper than Western Europe, even at this “Fun Explosive” store.

Prague 25

We splurged 55 Crowns (Koruna) on a typical meal of meat and potatoes in a fancy restaurant (about $8.00 USD). We mostly filled up on free bread.Prague 26Prague 27

Prague 28That night, we spotted a really cool looking tower on the opposite hill, so we hopped in the whip to check it out. Yep, those black things crawling on the outside of this TV tower are huge babies..

Prague 29

The streets, intersections, and over use of street signs in Prague create one of the most confusing driving environments we had both seen. Navigating around downtown was one of the more challenging and interesting activities in Prague.

Prague 30

With another day budgeted for the Czech Republic, we began asking some locals about any hidden gems South of Prague worth checking out. With some good suggestions in the bag for the following day, we crawled into our sleeping bags in the car and went to sleep.

Next update: Mid-evil town- Cesky Krumlov.