Goodbye Cesky Krumlov and Europe. For now.

After a few days of sufficient exploration around Prague under our belts, we still had another few days to kill before catching our flight back to the states out of Zurich, CH. So we began to ask some locals if there were any hidden “gems” in The Czech Republic worth “czeching out”. With our trusty rental car still in our possession, but armed with no map, we hit the highways in search of a medieval town named “Cesky Krumlov”. Located in the South Eastern part of The Republic, very little has changed in hundreds of years.

We decided to stop at a little market in the middle of nowhere. It was here that we made friends with “Tretchen”, a hearty loaf of bread that would accompany us for the rest of the trip. If you can guess how we came up with this name, please email me for a handsome reward.

cesky krumlov 1

We spotted a scenic shack, so we whipped a Uy in our beast for a quick photo op.

cesky krumlov 2

cesky krumlov 3

We arrived in Cesky Krumlov and began exploring. The old castle stands guard over the village.

cesky krumlov 4

Many things are legal here, apparently walking like an Egyptian is not one of them.

cesky krumlov 5

We stumbled into the castle and began climbing up the tower for a better view.

cesky krumlov 6

We passed the dungeon on the way up.cesky krumlov 7

The view from the watch tower was quite impressive.

cesky krumlov 9cesky krumlov 10

Yep, real live man-eating bears in the moat. Just like the old days.

cesky krumlov 11

cesky krumlov 12

Alex peering out over his city.

cesky krumlov 13

cesky krumlov 25

We made our way back down the long spiral staircase into the main courtyard of the castle.

cesky krumlov 14

Alex caught in a photographic moment.

cesky krumlov 15

cesky krumlov 16

After having a traditional meal of meat and potatoes, we headed back to the car only to discovered it had a nice, big, fat boot on it. Before we could figure out the best course of action, the nice Policii that booted our car came by. After a quick exchange of 20 Euros, we were on our way. We hit the autobahn in our speedster and drove into the night. Our destination, Munich.

cesky krumlov 17

After arriving in Munich, we decided to sit down and eat a piece of Tretchen. He would have wanted us to enjoy him.

cesky krumlov 18

We found some free internet and dumped pictures off our cards. Then we walked back to our rental for a good night’s sleep.

cesky krumlov 19

We awoke and pulled the dirty clothes down from the inside of the windows of our rental car. We headed out to find Munich in full bustle.

cesky krumlov 20

cesky krumlov 21Munich was the last stop in our Europe adventure and by this time we had become quite exhausted. We took it easy before hitting the road back towards Switzerland to ditch the rental and catch our last train. We of course continued to push our car to it’s limits.

cesky krumlov 22

After getting caught by the train conductor for having a forged rail pass, we smoothed things over and hung out with Tretchen for the rest of the ride. Hard not to love the guy.

cesky krumlov 23

Our last hurdle was sleeping in the airport without getting robbed again. Hearing this guy snore though was enough to send me back to the same escalator we got robbed under last year, my only option for a decent night’s sleep.

cesky krumlov 24

Our European adventures had come to an end. Hopefully more to be had next year…